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We manufacture products for a variety of services and industries across the country - from retail to industrial.
A History of Products

Taste & Tradition
Consumer Products
Prairie Mills produces retail products sold in grocery stores around the country. E-Z-Bake is a leading brand of corn meal and wheat flour based products sold throughout the country but with a long history in the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois markets. Southern Plantation Corn Meals and Wheat Flour Baking Products are a line of products primarily sold in the Chicagoland market and the Southeastern part of the country. Dorsels Brands are a Cincinnati grocery store staple that now has a traditional German-based following throughout the whole US. Dorsels has a very strong Pinhead Oats product line that is legendary in the Midwest. Organic Products are primarily sold under the Prairie Mills brands. The Prairie Mills brand of premium milled products includes traditional grains we call our "legend" products and organic grains we refer to as our "legacy" products. Prairie Mills premium brands of wheat flour and corn meal based products are usually from our proprietary stone ground milling operation in northwest Ohio, and most often are from farms within a few miles of the mill. Prairie Mills premium brands are locally produced products.

The El Gallo Dorado Brand of Corn Flour Masa was developed for retail customers throughout the country and is marketed to Hispanic grocery stores in areas with large Hispanic populations. El Gallo Dorado products are premium masa flours, with traditional all natural corn grown primarily in Indiana. The unique package design enables the El Gallo Dorado brand to successfully compete with better known national brands whose focus has been more on high volume, rather than what El Gallo Dorado's focus is which is quality, value and better packaging for product convenience and shelf life.
Food Service
Prairie Mills manufactures several lines of food service products, corn and wheat based flours and meals. Several formulations are custom made per customer requests and specifications. Blending and unique mixes and proprietary recipes are services the Company has built its business with for many years. From bulk truck loads to five pound paper bags, the Company can package in whatever size a customer needs.
Commercial Bakeries
Prairie Mills produces standard corn meals and wheat flours for many of the country's largest bakeries. The most unique aspect of Prairie Mills' business in commercial baking is its ability to work for short run unique and proprietary blends and mixes. The Company has food science expertise in house to source spice and flavors and produce unique combinations of mixes and blends that permit large commercial bakeries to outsource this time and space consuming business function.
Prairie Mills manufactures and sources unique grain-based foundation ingredients for specialty chemicals and manufacturers of distillate compounds and solutions. These products are manufactured and shipped via rail car, bulk commodity truck, totes, or small paper or plastic bags. Short or long run capabilities have given the Company the rapid response agility necessary in today’s very dynamic global supply chain management paradigms.
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