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Our milling facilities have a long history of state-of-the-art processing and quality control.
The Rochester, Indiana facility is perhaps the largest niche milling facility east of the Mississippi.
The Rochester mill
has been awarded its
"Certified Organic" Seal.
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Our Location

Rochester, Indiana
Prairie Mills Products, LLC. facility is located in the northern area of the town of Rochester, on Fourth Street adjacent to the Railroad. The facility has both a new and a legacy operation, and is perhaps the largest niche milling facility east of the Mississippi.

The legacy facility is adjacent to the rail siding, and it has capabilities to do everything the new mill does, just at a much slower pace. The older part of the complex has been very well maintained over the years, and will likely remain a very important part of the future of the mill for years to come. The legacy operation is a very durable, and reliable setup that is used each week for small batch processes.
The new mill was installed in about 1998. The Sangetti Mills and state of the art processes have capabilities far beyond what they had been proven to run at. Recent material flow modifications more than doubled capacity levels of this new mill. White and yellow corn are the primary raw materials used at this mill.
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