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We produce retail products for grocery stores around the country.
Our select group of growers supply our mills with the highest quality grains...
Serving families and 
businesses around the globe, each day...
Our reputation is based on more than 100 years of quality and service.
Farmers have a keen sense of responsibility to the earth, a strong sense of anticipation for weather and its causes and effects, an important sense of urgency for growing things. Farmers are nurturers, nature's caretakers.
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Welcome to Prairie Mills Products™
Prairie Mills is a company dedicated to providing its customers with grain based products that we hope are "as good as it gets," and with over 110 years of heritage combine to make our slogan "Taste & Tradition" mean something.

The company is midwest based, but does business around the globe. Being located in the middle of the United States, right in the heart of the corn-belt, provides the company with access to both some of the world's best quality cereal grains and also some of the world's most cost effective food and industrial grain based products.

Prairie Mills is roughly 500 miles within reach of more than 70% of America's population. Indiana is known as "the crossroads of America," giving the company has access to both time and cost effective freight, via truck, rail, intermodal, or air.
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